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To give service to our clients who are of the interior of the Ecuador that they come to Guayaquil to realize commercial transactions, to know to this pretty city, that it is a growth point of Ecuador and the entry, principal port of the country, in addition to receive with the arms opened our foreign Cuban brothers, Peruvians, Colombians, North Americans, Europeans, who are those that more they visit to our hotel, to know the Ecuador as door of entry in Guayaquil, always with the idea of serving in order that the image of Guayaquil and the Ecuadorians it can only in the memory of those who visit us of an agreeable form that does that they return and us we will receive them with a smile.

To grow as company, our brand places HOSTAL EL DORADO on the market of hotel service in the city of Guayaquil as one of most recognized in giving better services to prices suitably for all the national and foreign visitors.

To put all our effort to create a hotel culture of service that is recognized to level of the tourists who want to come to our country and city hereby to stir the Ecuadoran economy into action with a resource that is renewable and endless managing correctly since(as,like) it is the resource TOURISM.